marcel travels photography

Hey I’m Marcel! Long story short… 


I am a 29-year old traveler and photographer from Germany! In 2017 I quit the military, packed up my bag, and started on a 7-month backpacking journey. I’ve visited the Cook Islands, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Over this time, I have grown comfortable with my DSLR camera, shooting and editing every time I had the opportunity to do so.


Once my trip was over, I relocated to Berlin (Germany) and visited a school of Photography and Videography for 6 months. In May 2018, I spent two weeks in the United States, visited Las Vegas and the deserts of Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.


Recently I got hired as a Photographer for a Studio in Berlin where I am shooting 6 days a week. I’m able to meet new people everyday and to shoot on my own way and style. Furthermore I am learning a lot about Studio Photography! I am grateful for this opportunity and Im looking forward to it, to do it for a while! In the meantime I save money for Camera Gear and a camper! My plans for this year include a road trip, during which I will explore Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. I am going to create a detailed record of my European adventures, sharing everything that I experience with you! 


The more I see the more I dream, of seeing the world with all its majesty and beauty. I want to capture everything along the way. Sharing each special moment with my friends and audience, impact my environment positively as well. If I can inspire someone to get out into the world themselves – then I consider all my work as a tremendous success!